Robotricks wins awards!
Robotricks wins awards!

Robotricks is a sci-fi magic show about robots, artificial intelligence and the future.

The show blends stunning, modern magic from one of the worlds most award-winning magicians with thought provoking insights into the future of technology, AI and society.

Robotricks features a trailblazing AI robot developed by Furhat Robotics as well as a large cast of robots Charlie has built from his robotics workshop at Epicenter Stockholm – a world class innovation hub where he is constantly exposed to the technology of tomorrow. The show received support from Stockholms Kulturförvaltning.

It is no doubt one of the most high-tech shows you will see until the singularity has actually arrived. If you love sci-fi, Rick & Morty or Blade Runner this show is for you!

In the words of one reviewer: “he is able to deliver a show that relies on sheer accuracy, great attention to detail, and actions that are timed like clockwork. Whilst providing a visually-inspired commentary around the marvels of technology, he combines magical illusions that you won’t be able to look away from and pushes the limits of the unthinkable, making the audience think about the roles of technology and AI in our world over the years to come” –

I have received great reviews at Adelaide Fringe and Perth Fringe World and won awards at both festivals for Best Magic and Best Cabaret. Robotricks has also played several shows at the National Theatre in Stockholm – Stadsteatern and most recently in Halifax, Canada.

“stellar performance”“beautiful chaos”

“spell-binding illusions”

“an hour of pure joy, amazement and whimsy.”

 “You won’t find a more wonderfully clever show at the Fringe this year.”
“an experience that leaves you thoroughly amazed, even if you think you’ve seen it all.”

“Mind-boggling magic with a futuristic social message”
“a highly enjoyable and unique sci-fi, robotic extravaganza.”

“Charlie Caper dazzles and confounds in this off-beat, quirky techno-magic performance”
“fascinating robot inventions with larger than life personalities”


“jaw dropping tricks and mind defying illusions”

Halifax Presents don’t give out stars, but here’s a few sentences from that review
“Don’t miss this show; the future of the planet might just depend on it.”
“About ten minutes into the magic robot show Robotricks, I put my notebook away and just started enjoying Charlie Caper’s performance. I mean, how many times can you write “WTF” before you run out of ink?”