Charlie Caper wins Sweden's Got Talent

Charlie Caper wins Sweden’s Got Talent

You want to feel good knowing the people you work with deliver to the highest standard?
Charlie Caper has been honoured countless times with awards and prices.

Charlie won Sweden’s Got Talent 2009, and is the first magician to ever win this TV format in any of  >50 countries it’s aired.

Mandrake’s d’Or is the closest thing the magic world has to an Oscar. In 2011 he had the honour to receive it.

Gold Digital Communication Award for Viral Marketing 2012 for “The New Ipad Act”

Winner of European Excellence awards in 2012 and 2014

European Excellence Award 2012 for International Communication for “The New Ipad Act”

European Promax Gold 2010 for “Best promo not featuring programme footage” won by TV-Promo “So much more”

European Excellence Award 2014 for International Communication for “Stockholm – Not a coincidence”

2016 Adelaide Fringe Award for “Best Magic” won by Minor Miracles

Charlie Caper receives the Mandrake's D'Or

Charlie receives the Mandrake’s D’Or

2018 Weekly Adelaide Fringe Award for “Best Magic” won by Minor Miracles

2018 Fringeworld nomination for “Best Cabaret” for Minor Miracles

World Championships of Magic in Beijing 2009. Silver Medal in Parlour Magic. He has also been Swedish, Nordic, and European Champion in various branches of magic.

Olivier award 2015. During his time as Ringmaster in La Soirée 2015 the show received this amazing honour