Charlie Caper – Robotricks

Robotricks is a sci-fi magic show about robots, artificial intelligence and the future.

It is no doubt one of the most high-tech shows you will ever see until the singularity has really arrived. Robotricks features a large cast of AI robots performing futuristic sorcery. If you love sci-fi, Rick Morty or Blade Runner this show is for you!

I just got my first review from Adelaide

 “You won’t find a more wonderfully clever show at the Fringe this year.”
“will give you an experience that leaves you thoroughly amazed, even if you think you’ve seen it all.”

Adelaide Fringe is up now, get tickets here:

The show run just finished at Fringe World with a sold out show, an award and rave reviews.

Robotricks won the first weekly Fringe World Cabaret Award!

“spell-binding illusions”

“Mind-boggling magic with a futuristic social message”
“a highly enjoyable and unique sci-fi, robotic extravaganza.”

“Charlie Caper dazzles and confounds in this off-beat, quirky techno-magic performance”
“fascinating robot inventions with larger than life personalities”