Social Robots

After many years of working with robots on stage, Charlie started working with world leading social robotics company Furhat Robotics.

He is now the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of Furhat Robotics where he works a lot at the intersection of robotics, artificial intelligence, psychology and art. Currently he is working a lot at integrating technologies like ChatGPT and gpt4 with social robots.

He also develops robot interactions and have two long running projects in Stockholm. One with high-tech hub Epicenter who has had a robot receptionist programmed by Charlie for years now. Secondly with library Tiotretton who has a robot called Uno that speaks with kids and helps them with their homework, which was developed by Charlie (with very significant help with the content from the incredible librarians)

CCO at Furhat Robotics, Charlie Caper, addresses the audience during the third day of the Web Summit 2021. The largest tech conference in the world, Web Summit Credit: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News