Robotricks is a sci-fi magic show about robots, artificial intelligence and the future.
It is no doubt one of the most high-tech shows you will ever see until the singularity has really arrived. Robotricks features a large cast of AI robots performing futuristic sorcery. If you love sci-fi, Rick Morty or Blade Runner this show is for you!
Adelaide Fringe is next, get tickets here:

The show run just finished at Fringe World with a sold out show, an award and rave reviews.

Robotricks won the first weekly Fringe World Cabaret Award!

“Mind-boggling magic with a futuristic social message”
“a highly enjoyable and unique sci-fi, robotic extravaganza.”

“Charlie Caper dazzles and confounds in this off-beat, quirky techno-magic performance”
“fascinating robot inventions with larger than life personalities”

Charlie Caper - Robotricks