Edinburgh Fringe
Edinburgh Fringe

My show Sleight of Hand review:
“…has all the potential to revolutionise the world of magic as we know it.”
“A legend among his own ilk”

All in all I had a wonderful Edinburgh run and will play a version of this show in Australia this coming winter.

The reviews the audience wrote on the Edinburgh Fringe website were also pretty sweet. Here are all of them:

Katerina Jurasova
“The best show I’ve seen! Funny, unpredictable and all the magic tricks are simply amazing! Would highly recommend this to everyone”

Richard Collier
“However jaded you are with magic shows, this will amaze you. It is all just sleight of hand, nothing else, but elevated to an absolute art form. Even knowing it is just sleight of hand won’t help you. You will see things literally disappear before your eyes.”

Sumeet Singhal
“Incredible. Just incredible. I was in the front row watching closely. I was called on stage and was watching even more closely. I was completely bamboozled over and over and over again. I lost count of the times I and other audience members said “No way?!” Standing ovation at the end…”

Yvette Owen
“Unmissable . Amazing. Entertaining. Had me gripped from start to the end….and the bow ties !!!!”

Steven Nicol
“Absolutely superb sleight of hand and BIG on stage. Family friendly but not childish. His sleight of hand is top class and keep watching the bow tie.”

Kay Cook
“Utterly enchanting, whatever your age you will feel like a wide-eyed child again marvelling at the impossible sleight of hand happening in front of you. Just joyful!”

Luna Rahman
“Absolutely brilliant! My 10yr old and I loved this. We didn’t stop laughing or being amazed. Highly recommend.”

Imogen Rowe
“What a gem of a show! Nobody can have a bad time when Charlie is on stage. The magic is incredible and he is so much fun to watch, definitely deserves huge audiences every night!”

“Incredible sleight of hands for sure… but a super personality to match! Charlie does his magic the way its meant to be – leaving the audience leaving that they have just witnesses something truly magical! Kid friendly as well! If you only see one magic show, see Charlie! If you have seen a few others and were not impressed, see Charlie!”

“Found Charlie’s show completely by chance and so glad we did! Fabulous magician who left us in awe of his skills, with a fresh approach and endearing presentation. Plenty of humorous moments throughout and thoroughly entertaining. Can’t recommend highly enough, go if you possibly can!”

“Charlie is an absolute first class act – no ifs or buts; easily the best show of a dozen we’ve seen so far… even if it’s family-friendly! But there’s no risk of disappointment: pay-as-you-feel at the end. And you will have the feels. I liked it so much I left a review.”