Street Festival Magic

Before and after Charlie Caper won Sweden’s Got Talent he has performed all over the world as a street festival artist. He has been invited to countless international festivals such as the Toronto Buskerfest (Canada) thrice, Kleinesfest (Germany) twice, the Street Performance World Championship (Ireland) 4 times, Fremantle Street Arts Festival (Australia) twice, Ansan International Busking Art Festival (Korea) and Pflasterspektakel (Austria) and won a coveted prize at the Shizouka Daidogei World Cup (Japan).

Charlie’s understanding of a street festival’s needs is enhanced by the fact he has also been involved as co-producer of several large festivals in Sweden including the Stockholm Street Festival and Varietégatan.

A crowd building expert he can walk out into a street clearing or plaza and gather a crowd of hundreds in a matter of minutes using charm, crowd psychology and startling magic effects. Shows of anything from 20 to 45 minutes are available and will leave a trail of happy people after each show.

Charlie is available to perform all over the world. Book now.